"Hoop at Home" Six-Week Challenge

Lose weight and feel great in just six weeks, with this popular online course.

Our price: 72.00 GBP

The Powerhoop Slim

A non-wavy weighted hoop for all adults, optimised for teens and sensitive users.

Our price: 34.95 GBP

Powerhoop Deluxe

The World's Most Advanced Fitness Hoop, with adjustable weight and loads of innovative features.

Our price: 54.95 GBP

Adjustable Weight Powergloves

Tone your arms and take your workout to the next level with Powergloves.

Our price: 13.00 GBP

Powerhoop Home Workout DVD

New moves and inspiration for your Powerhoop home workouts.

Our price: 12.95 GBP 9.95 GBP

Package Deal w/ Carrybag & DVD

Everything you need for a full-body Powerhoop workout.

Our price: 34.95 GBP

Weighted Inserts for Deluxe Hoop

A second set of weighted inserts will take your Powerhoop Deluxe up to 4.8 lbs/2.2kg.

Our price: 7.95 GBP

Powerhoop Carrybag

A sturdy, lightweight drawstring bag for transporting your Powerhoop.

Our price: 4.95 GBP