The Powerhoop Slim
  • The Powerhoop Slim

  • Now in Purple (in an "Innertrak" branded box)

    The Innertrak Purple Powerhoop Slim is a streamlined weighted hoop suitable for all adults, and optimised for teens and sensitive users. Its 3-lb /1.4kg weight helps slim and tone the body’s core muscles, while the non-­wavy inner surface and high-­density foam padding provide extra protection against discomfort. 

    • The removal of one link makes the Powerhoop Slim suitable for petite users and healthy teens (ages 10+)
    • Can be assembled and dismantled for travel and storage.
    • All component materials meet strict European chemical safety standards for children and babies.
    • Approved for use in Powerhoop fitness classes.

    Instructional DVD included in the box.

    Weighted hoops should only be used according to manufacturer's instructions. Do not use a weighted hoop while pregnant or post-partum, have a prior injury, surgery, or damage to the joints or spine, have bleeding disorders or are taking blood-thinning medications that can lead to excessive bruising. To avoid soreness, begin with just two minutes per day and increase gradually as your muscles become stronger.


  • 34.95 GBP
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