"Hoop at Home" Six-Week Challenge
  • "Hoop at Home" Six-Week Challenge
  • The "Hoop at Home" Six-Week Challenge at THE HOOPING ACADEMY is guaranteed to get you hooked on weighted hoop fitness. You can expect fast results by following this simple, fun and effective program. The challenge includes weekly lessons that include workout tips and motivation, quick and healthy recipes and new hooping moves to keep your workout fresh and fun. You can also join a class in your area or locate an instructor who're running this challenge by checking the Find-a-Class Map. Fitness hoop classes are fun, social, and highly addictive.

    You will be sent a free enrolment coupon within 24 hours of purchasing this course. (For immediate access, you must purchase the course directly at the Hooping Academy.)

  • 72.00 GBP