Hoop at Home


Can't make it to the gym?

We strive to keep our customers fit, heathy and inspired with fitness hoop home workout videos. The Hooping Academy's hoop-at home VIP Club is guaranteed to get you hooked on weighted hoop fitness. You can expect fast results by following this simple, fun and effective program. The online subscription is just £6/month and includes fitness hoop workout routines, tips and motivation, quick and healthy recipes and new moves to keep your workout fresh and fun.

"Stay-Inside" Special Offer: Through April 31st, 2020, sign up for the VIP Club and get the fitness hoop Six-Week Challenge for FREE (normal Challenge price is £72). You can cancel at any time.

You can also find a class in your area or locate an instructor who's running their own online six-week challenge, by checking the Find-a-Class Map. Fitness hoop classes are fun, social, and highly addictive.

Innertrak Powerhoops are the only fitness hoops proven in a published laboratory study to significantly slim your waist.

Ready to get in shape? Buy an Authentic Powerhoop and Start the Challenge!